10 Things You Have To Do This Halloween.

1. Carve a pumpkin – get creative, look on Pinterest and find cool designs! You can get pumpkin carving kits from most supermarkets and they’re much easier to use than a big ol’ knife!

2. Jump in a pile of leaves… Not forgetting to walk on the crunchy ones!! – this is a little bit of childhood right here. Put on your wellies and go have some fun. Your inner child will thank you!

3. Visit a pumpkin patch – if you’re lucky enough to have a pumpkin patch in your area then I’d say definitely go!

4. Make caramel apples – there’s lots of recipes on the Internet for this and it’s so simple to do. Slightly sticky though!

Picture source: We Heart It

5. Watch some Halloweeny movies – my favourites are Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, Casper, Halloween, Scream.. The list is endless.

Picture source: We Heart It 

6. Decorate your house for the trick or treaters – remember when you were little and you’d see a house covered in decorations and the lights would be on!! That excitement you’d feel is second to none (oh to be a child again). So decorate your house, dress up and hand out those sweets! 

Picture source: We Heart It

7. Bake some Halloween cupcakes – don’t be too sad the Great British Bake Off is over. Bake your own cakes and decorate them with cool designs. Even have your own mini bake off with friends! 

Picture source: We Heart It

8. Make a nice warm drink – whether it be hot chocolate, tea or a pumpkin spice latte (which admittedly I’ve NEVER tried!) they’ll be sure to warm you up and make you feel all cosy on All Hallows’Eve. Personally my favourite is a hazelnut hot chocolate. It tastes like actual Nutella!!

Picture source: We Heart It

9. Light some delicious Autumn inspired smelling candles – the Yankee Candle in Fireside Treats smells like actual marshmallows 😍

10. Cosy up with some fluffy blankets – so after you’ve visited the pumpkin patch, jumped in the leaves, carved your pumpkin, decorated your house, baked your cupcakes, made your caramel apples, chosen your Halloween movie, lit your candles you can finally jump into bed or chill on your sofa with lots of fluffy blankets! Heaven.

Picture source: We Heart It

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you do any of these things this Halloween or have already done them.

If you think of anything to add to this list then leave me a comment below and tell me! I’d love to read them.


Autumn, the years last lovliest smile

                – Unknown

Autumn Berries: My Favourite Autumn Lipsticks and Lip Liners

Autumn and Winter are my favourite times of year. I love the colder days and the changing colours of the leaves, but mostly the make up and fashion!

I haven’t always been a lover of lipstick. For years I was always a gloss kinda girl, but since the age of about 19 my love for lipsticks has grown. Like most I started off with brands such as Rimmel and L’Oreal until I discovered MAC. I know MAC isn’t the be all and end all of brands that do great lipstick, but since purchasing my first MAC lipstick – Jubilee – I was hooked! I’ve since come a long way in trying new shades. If you know of Jubilee you’ll know it’s a nude!

I then discovered my love of lip liners and how much I loved pairing them with lipsticks to create a more vibrant shade or a new shade all together that lasts even longer! I have often dabbled with different brands other than MAC. I have tried mostly Rimmel and even Primark lip liners!

I’ll stop rambling and tell you all about my favourite Autumn lipsticks and lip liners!

In general I find deeper berry, darker pinks and brown toned pinks suit my skin tone and hair colour better – I have dark brown hair and light-medium olive skin (depending on the season and if I’ve been away and got a tan). I took swatches on the lightest part of my skin in hopes you could see the colour more clearly.


1. The first lipstick I’m going to talk about is a classic favourite among bloggers and youtubers – Rebel. It’s a beautiful deep purple berry colour with a satin finish. So it’s that perfect almost matte but slightly glossy finish, and lasts that little bit longer than a lustre finish for example. I love that you can wear this lipstick in a few ways. You can either build it up to be that deep berry you see in the tube or you can dab it on lightly to get a lighter lip stain effect. This looks great paired with some of the lip liners I’ll be talking about in this post.

2. The next lipstick I’ll be talking about is very similar to Rebel, however it is it’s lighter more subtle sister – Captive. If you’re not into wearing really dark berries then this would be great for you as it’s not too light and not too dark. It even looks great layered with other lipsticks to create your own shade. I often pair it with MAC’s Brave lipstick. Again, this is a satin so it has a beautiful finish and great staying power.

3. Last, but my no means least, is an even more wearable brown toned berry shade, which is more on the pinky side – Twig. This is my favourite of all three lipsticks and is an easy everyday lipstick for work, college, uni etc. It’s another satin so has great staying power, especially when used with a lip liner.

Here are lipsticks side by side so you can see them in comparison to each other. From right to left; Rebel, Captive, Twig.

Lip Liners

1. The first lip liner I’m going to talk about the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lip liner in Black Tulip. This colour is a burgundy red, similar to a red wine colour and is beautiful on it’s own or paired with MAC’s Rebel lipstick. It claims to have a soft creamy texture which I only find to be half true. I find though when they’re slightly less creamy they stay on longer!

2. The next lip liner is the Primark lip liner in Dark Pink. It literally is what it says on the tin – a dark pinkish colour which, in my opinion, has a berry tint to it. It’s a very smooth consistency and glides on like a dream. It’s definitely more creamy than the Rimmel one. This is another one you could definitely wear on it’s own or paired with MAC’s Captive and Twig. It is a great affordable dupe for the next lip liner I will be talking about. It cost me £1!

3. This is MAC’s lip liner in Soar. This is such a versatile colour and I love pairing this will MAC’s Twig, Brave and even the infamous Velvet Teddy. It has a nice creamy consistency, but less creamy than the Primark lip liner. It is said to be one of Kylie Jenner’s favourite lip liner’s along with Whirl.

4. Last up for the lip liner’s is another one of the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lip liner’s in Spice. This is the lightest of all the lip liner’s and definitely has an almost terracotta hue which I find goes great with Twig lipstick.

Here are the lip liner’s side by side so you can see them in comparison to each other. From top to bottom; Rimmel – Black Tulip, Primark – Dark Pink, MAC – Soar, Rimmel – Spice.

So, that’s my first ever beauty post done! I hope that gave you a little more insight into me and my make up style.

Thanks so much for reading,


Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world

– Unkown