10 Things You Have To Do This Halloween.

1. Carve a pumpkin – get creative, look on Pinterest and find cool designs! You can get pumpkin carving kits from most supermarkets and they’re much easier to use than a big ol’ knife!

2. Jump in a pile of leaves… Not forgetting to walk on the crunchy ones!! – this is a little bit of childhood right here. Put on your wellies and go have some fun. Your inner child will thank you!

3. Visit a pumpkin patch – if you’re lucky enough to have a pumpkin patch in your area then I’d say definitely go!

4. Make caramel apples – there’s lots of recipes on the Internet for this and it’s so simple to do. Slightly sticky though!

Picture source: We Heart It

5. Watch some Halloweeny movies – my favourites are Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, Casper, Halloween, Scream.. The list is endless.

Picture source: We Heart It 

6. Decorate your house for the trick or treaters – remember when you were little and you’d see a house covered in decorations and the lights would be on!! That excitement you’d feel is second to none (oh to be a child again). So decorate your house, dress up and hand out those sweets! 

Picture source: We Heart It

7. Bake some Halloween cupcakes – don’t be too sad the Great British Bake Off is over. Bake your own cakes and decorate them with cool designs. Even have your own mini bake off with friends! 

Picture source: We Heart It

8. Make a nice warm drink – whether it be hot chocolate, tea or a pumpkin spice latte (which admittedly I’ve NEVER tried!) they’ll be sure to warm you up and make you feel all cosy on All Hallows’Eve. Personally my favourite is a hazelnut hot chocolate. It tastes like actual Nutella!!

Picture source: We Heart It

9. Light some delicious Autumn inspired smelling candles – the Yankee Candle in Fireside Treats smells like actual marshmallows 😍

10. Cosy up with some fluffy blankets – so after you’ve visited the pumpkin patch, jumped in the leaves, carved your pumpkin, decorated your house, baked your cupcakes, made your caramel apples, chosen your Halloween movie, lit your candles you can finally jump into bed or chill on your sofa with lots of fluffy blankets! Heaven.

Picture source: We Heart It

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you do any of these things this Halloween or have already done them.

If you think of anything to add to this list then leave me a comment below and tell me! I’d love to read them.


Autumn, the years last lovliest smile

                – Unknown

A Letter to My Teenage Self.

I had a dream last night that I met my teenage self and I wanted to tell her so many things. However, in my dream I couldn’t because it would mess up the future (so frustrating!). I don’t know if it’s because I had read some of these posts so maybe it was playing on my mind, but I had a real urge to write my teenage self a letter and hopefully get those things off my chest. So it here goes…


The most important thing you need to know is that things will get better! You need to believe in yourself and stop doubting yourself. It will take you a while but you WILL get there. Sometimes you’ll have to remind yourself of how far you’ve come and of all of the obstacles you have tackled. You’ll still be standing after all of this and you’ll be a stronger person because of it.

In terms of school, don’t let what those bullies said even resonate in your mind for a second. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep it moving. School will soon be a distant memory and those people who made fun of you and called you names will soon be gone from your life forever. You will become very defensive of yourself because of them, and at times this will put strains on your relationships, but you have to let it go. Don’t let them get the better of you. Funnily enough, the things they make fun of you for will soon be ‘in fashion’.

Go for your dreams, don’t even hesitate. You get one life and you have to live it to the absolute full. I know you’re scared of college and of uni, but guess what? You actually do it and you do very well. So keep striving. You may not experience uni the same as everyone else because you stay at home but you make one of the bestest friends through uni. You will get the best job you’ve ever had because of uni. Oh yeah, jobs… so you’ll have a few and they’ll not be right for you. Just wait for that one job that you’ll love.
Friends will come and go, some will always be there and I’m pretty sure you know the ones I mean. Keep hold of them. One day you’ll even be living with one of them!! 

Stop trying to grow up too fast. Let yourself be young and free, because one day you’ll be living on your own, paying your own bills and you’ll miss those years of being young and free. The older you get the quicker the time goes. Remember how long the 6 weeks holidays used to feel and how short they feel now? Well imagine how quickly a year can pass by when you’re older. So again, I stress the need to not grow up too fast. Enjoy your teenage years. Don’t feel the need to have your goals and dreams met by the time you’re 20. You’ve still got a lot of growing to do too and trust me, I’m nearly 25 at the time of writing this and I still don’t have all my act together. Just let life flow, but at the same time have the right amount of structure.

So I’ll finish this letter with the way I started it. The most important thing you need to know is that things will get better! And you’ll keep reminding yourself of that for a very long time. 

Never give up and remember, whatever happens, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep it moving. 


Laura, age 24 x

20 Thoughts Everyone Has Before They Start A Blog.

As you can tell from the title, this post is going to be all about those little thoughts that bounce around in your head when you’re starting a blog or even considering starting one! I thought this was rather apt seeing as it’s fresh in my mind due to being a newbie myself.

1. Oh my god, will people even read my posts?!

2. Imagine if people don’t even like what I write about.

3. Am I “cool” enough for the blogging community?! Will they even like me? Oh god what if they don’t like me?

4. What if people I know in real life see my posts?! 

5. What on earth is a “flat lay”?

6. Imagine I become famous… Nah don’t be so stupid!!!

7. How on earth do I work this website? Okay, I’m gonna throw my laptop out the window in a minute. 

8. This theme isn’t working for me, ew no.

9. What can I say in the ‘about’ section to make me sound more interesting? No, just be yourself silly! 

10. What on earth am I going to call it? Oh my god I have no clue.

11. Okay, I’ve got my name. I’m going to start a twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, a new email! Yes, this is exciting. 

12. I feel shy about telling people the name. What if they don’t get it?

13. Oh well, I like it!

14. So, what’s my first post going to be? Hmm…

15. Okay, let’s hit publish!!

16. How do I even advertise my blog?

17. What are blogger chats and where do they even take place?

18. How soon can I get into town to go to Lush?! 

19. Am I ready to let people see my blog?

20. Okay, let’s do this…

If there’s anything I’ve missed do comment below and let me know any thoughts you had when first starting your blogs.

And so the adventure begins…

               – Unknown

Cutting Out Caffeine.


I know what you’re thinking…”how can you cut out caffeine?! That’s blasphemous!”. I never in a million years thought I’d give up caffeine but believe it or not it’s done me the world of good.

It all started when one day I had the worst stomach and chest pains I’ve ever had and I got taken to hospital in an ambulance. It was a whirlwind of blood tests and ECGs to monitor my heart and see if it  was anything sinister. Luckily, it wasn’t my heart or my lungs but probably something to do with my stomach. So I googled my symptoms (as you do these days haha!) and found that they seemed to point towards gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD). I did some research to find out if there was anything I could do to help stop these pains from happening and eliminating caffeine came up every time!

I am a huge lover of diet coke, coffee, normal tea, green tea and to hear that I couldn’t have these anymore upset me to say the least! Just to put it into perspective, and this is bad I know, but I used to have around 3 cans of diet coke a day and then I’d mostly have coffee at the weekend. I found the nicest coffee by Little’s (pictured above) that my lovely sister bought me for my birthday and sadly I couldn’t drink it anymore.

Another piece of this puzzle is the fact that for the longest time I’ve had anxiety. I had panic attacks too and for anyone who has panics attacks you’ll know what it’s like, it feels like you’re going to pass out or have a heart attack or something!

So, anyway, I cut out the caffeine completely. I stopped drinking diet coke, I stopped having my lovely coffees *cries* and I started drinking more water. I’ve always drank at least 2 litres a day but I found myself drinking even more which can only be a good thing.

At first I felt really tired and soooo grouchy! I didn’t really put two and two together until my housemate said “maybe you’re having caffeine withdrawals?!” Light bulb moment… I was most definitely suffering from caffeine withdrawals!! That lasted for around a week I’d say and then once that passed I noticed something pretty amazing…

My anxiety has always been worse in the mornings, usually as soon as I wake up. It often has me fearing the worst for the day ahead and pretty much every fear I have decides to beat me over the head until I’m left in a bit of a daze trying to get ready for work. However, after cutting out caffeine these feelings were significantly lessening! I thought to myself “no way, this has to just be a coincidence” so I googled it (I think I should stop googling things so much) and found something quite interesting. There has been a lot of research into the effect caffeine has on anxiety. According to what I’ve read, caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and therefore can replicate the same symptoms as an anxiety attack. The heart pounding, the increase in breathing, the shakes etc. Interesting right?!

So basically I’ve been living caffeine free now for around 2 months and I can honestly say if you have anxiety it will do you the world of good. Obviously it’s not the be all and end all, but it definitely helped me. I get the odd day where I wake up feeling anxious but for the most part I am actually okay.

Thanks for reading.

Anxiety is nothing but repeatedly reexperiencing failure in advance. What a waste.

                                             – Seth Godin

Self Love.

Something I want to talk about in this post is the power of self love.

For the longest time I’ve looked for love in all things other than myself. I still do. But one of my goals in 2016 has been to learn how to love me for me. I’m pretty good at being in my own company, but whether I love being in my own company is a different matter.

This year I have taken steps to losing weight and I have lost 2 stone so far. Although it has actually helped me on my quest for self love, it’s definitely not the definitive answer. It has made me proud of myself for actually sticking to something for once. I’m a Gemini, as my blog name suggests, and Gemini’s are known for getting bored and changing their minds about things a lot! So, that is a major achievement in my books. However, for me, it’s not just about learning to love what I see in the mirror but learning to love what is on the inside. The rest will fall into place (I’m hoping).

My search for self love will continue to consist of a few things:

  1. Looking for the good in myself.
  2. Knowing that my mistakes are not ME.
  3. Stop beating myself up.
  4. Remembering how far I’ve come.
  5. Live in the now.

If you’re looking for that one person to change your life, look in the mirror. 

                                                 – Unknown