Self Love.

Something I want to talk about in this post is the power of self love.

For the longest time I’ve looked for love in all things other than myself. I still do. But one of my goals in 2016 has been to learn how to love me for me. I’m pretty good at being in my own company, but whether I love being in my own company is a different matter.

This year I have taken steps to losing weight and I have lost 2 stone so far. Although it has actually helped me on my quest for self love, it’s definitely not the definitive answer. It has made me proud of myself for actually sticking to something for once. I’m a Gemini, as my blog name suggests, and Gemini’s are known for getting bored and changing their minds about things a lot! So, that is a major achievement in my books. However, for me, it’s not just about learning to love what I see in the mirror but learning to love what is on the inside. The rest will fall into place (I’m hoping).

My search for self love will continue to consist of a few things:

  1. Looking for the good in myself.
  2. Knowing that my mistakes are not ME.
  3. Stop beating myself up.
  4. Remembering how far I’ve come.
  5. Live in the now.

If you’re looking for that one person to change your life, look in the mirror. 

                                                 – Unknown