20 Thoughts Everyone Has Before They Start A Blog.

As you can tell from the title, this post is going to be all about those little thoughts that bounce around in your head when you’re starting a blog or even considering starting one! I thought this was rather apt seeing as it’s fresh in my mind due to being a newbie myself.

1. Oh my god, will people even read my posts?!

2. Imagine if people don’t even like what I write about.

3. Am I “cool” enough for the blogging community?! Will they even like me? Oh god what if they don’t like me?

4. What if people I know in real life see my posts?! 

5. What on earth is a “flat lay”?

6. Imagine I become famous… Nah don’t be so stupid!!!

7. How on earth do I work this website? Okay, I’m gonna throw my laptop out the window in a minute. 

8. This theme isn’t working for me, ew no.

9. What can I say in the ‘about’ section to make me sound more interesting? No, just be yourself silly! 

10. What on earth am I going to call it? Oh my god I have no clue.

11. Okay, I’ve got my name. I’m going to start a twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, a new email! Yes, this is exciting. 

12. I feel shy about telling people the name. What if they don’t get it?

13. Oh well, I like it!

14. So, what’s my first post going to be? Hmm…

15. Okay, let’s hit publish!!

16. How do I even advertise my blog?

17. What are blogger chats and where do they even take place?

18. How soon can I get into town to go to Lush?! 

19. Am I ready to let people see my blog?

20. Okay, let’s do this…

If there’s anything I’ve missed do comment below and let me know any thoughts you had when first starting your blogs.

And so the adventure begins…

               – Unknown